Get Involved


All that climbing sounds exhausting…but I still want to help!

Well, great news! Climbing isn’t the only one way to get involved. We also need dozens of volunteers to execute each event.

We’ll connect you with volunteer opportunities to help fight climate change while everyone else does the heavy sweating.

We need on-site help at the stadium the day of the climb, and plenty of assistance leading up to it, so pick what works best for you!

On-site Roles Include:


Crowd Management


Water Stations

Pre-climb Roles Include:

Stadium Prep

Race Day Packets

Vendor Assistance

Media Credentials

Pre-Climb Social Events


There are all kinds of ways to raise funds for the cause!

Sponsor a Climber – Contribute a set amount or give by the step. Support your peeps who are putting in the work to build a better planet!

Organize a Team – Get a team of colleagues together and have your company sponsor you. Don’t forget to ask if your organization matches charitable donations. (Pro Tip: Matching T-shirts is an unwritten rule!)

By The Step – Have your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues support you by contributing for every stair you climb. The more you rise, the more you raise!

Donate Direct – Yes, you can just give us a tax-deductible donation to protect the world.

Contact Mindy Spire at to join our movement fight climate change!

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